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Heart to Heart: Connecting with Your Child

- By Jeff Goelitz and Elyse April


Parents and children building heart-based relationships together


“Kneel down so you can look into your child’s eyes,” Heart to Heart recommends, “and softly ask, ‘How are you? What are you doing? Can I help?’ ” Loving and enduring relationships begin with the heart, and relying on its wisdom is the wonderful new and gentle approach for parents and caregivers to truly connect with their children. Heart to Heart is a beautifully illustrated color booklet that presents powerful ideas simply. Both children and adults will love looking at the pictures of the warm and cuddly family members as they go about their daily activities in their cozy little home.


The 17-page booklet includes Shift and Shine,™ the HeartMath technique children love to practice. Shift and Shine is a science-based tool that teaches children to get past their upsets and guides family members in listening more deeply. Special instructions at the end accompany the steps of this science-based tool and explain in detail how first-time users can help their children and themselves get the most benefit from it.

Heart to Heart: Connecting with Your Child

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