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Resilient Village

Resilient Village is a place where leaders and teams build on the skills and strategies of 'Doing Good Daily'!  This means learning and applying the science of physiological coherence and self-regulation while also:

-  increasing creativity

-  enhancing performance

-  upleveling productivity

-  upleveling efficiency

-  optimizing collaboration

-  improving personal and team wellbeing

Through skill building, participatory research, and immersive community based projects, Villagers learn how to harness the power of physiological coherence to achieve goals, fulfill visions, create high performing teams, and produce positive, sustainable outcomes.

From this foundation, Villagers are better able to withstand and adapt to change and challenge, increase their capacity to model wellbeing, while co-defining and implementing what it means for them to thrive personally and collectively!

Meet Dr. James Miles


Our founder, Dr. James L. Miles Sr. started out as a US Marine and computer systems engineer. Building on this foundation of military service and systems thinking, Dr. Miles served in church ministry, international exchange programming, and community engagement roles for over a decade, specializing in, community formation, organizational performance, community economic development, cross-functional leadership and multi-stakeholder collaborations.


While working on his second doctorate, Dr. Miles integrated principles of population health, public policy, and short-cycle culture change into his organizational performance and community development work. At this same time it became clear to Dr. Miles that true sustainable and beneficial change is an inside-out job.


Tapping into our better-selves, practicing 'doing good daily' protocols, and daring to embrace opportunities for transformation with courage, is a pathway towards creating the world our hearts often see as possible for us all! This aspirational view led to the creation of the Resilient Village Institute training and collaboration portal and shared community 'experiment'!

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