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Promote community transformations and collaborations that model resilience, coherence, and sustainability at every level of community living!
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Resilient Leaders Series

Training that highlights the power of resilience as a leadership competency. Helping leaders & teams navigate challenges, increase team coherence, create sustainable outcomes, and drive inclusive collective impact.


Smart (R)Evolutionary Series

The Smart (R)Evolutionary series provides a space and framework for participants to explore intuitive, measurable ways to create the beneficial changes they want to see in self, community, and society.


Resilient Leaders - Youth Series

Youth Leaders learn the power of self-regulation while learning how to create beneficial change through entrepreneurship, community engagement, and pro-active citizenship.

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Community Ecotones Series

A praxis framework for success in navigating spaces where diverse communities overlap, struggle, and form partnerships for the greater good.

Smart-Heart Partners Series

Training and tools that unlock the power and collective experience of partnerships, allyships, and sojourns from a place of intention.

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H.E.A.R.T.  Series

(Heritage, Education, Art, Research, & Transformation) – is immersive, cross-cultural, training, exchange, and work-study experiences with Resilient Village local and global partners.


Doing Good Daily

Stories and reflections on how resilience can show up and make a positive difference in our daily lives!


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