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Organizational & Group Coherence Training

Our organization and group series training focuses on social-emotional coherence, team performance, and coherence as a shared-leadership skillset and success strategy.  This training promotes optimal performance, team cohesion, and enhance program outcomes.  Participating team members experience beneficial growth both personally and professionally. 

Custom pricing starts at $3000

Individual Resilience & Coherence Coaching and Mentoring

 We partner with you to draw out specific personal applications of evidenced-based resilience & coherence tools, practices, and principles. The outcome integrates positive, sustainable life journey upgrades in your personal and professional life…mind, body, and soul!

General pricing starts at $200/session


Coherent Ideation and Program Facilitation

You've got some insights or a full vision and are ready to bring it to fruition. Our Coherent Ideation methods will help you go from vision to measurable, executable strategies and successful outcomes in three dynamic and empowering steps!

Please Call for a Quote on Pricing